Hayat Mohamed

Image of a newspapers

Daniel Robert Gerke

Image of a typewriter

Sarah Daniele

Image of an open book

Stuart Booker

Image of sheep

Ashish Dwivedi

Image of children playing

Hayat Mohamed

Image of newspapers stacked together

Chedza Simon

Image of a phone with social media apps and a glass of coffee

Brian L. Jacobs

Image of a tiny book house

Laura May Webb

image of a city in Argentina

Connar Watts

Image of a book shelve

Sadiq Altamimi Almaged

Image of an open book

Peter Morgan Barnes

Image of a written music notes

Naomi Steele

Image of a suitcase wall

Sarah Elizabeth Williams

Image of laptops and headphones on a desk

Teresa Hilier

Image of children sitting on a bench

Gemma Almond

Image of a pair of glasses

Jade White

Image of a soldier

Teresa Hilier

Image of an open book and a coffee mug

Rachel Morgan

Image of a Spanish flag up in the air by the building

Thomas Alexander HusØy

Image of a hands with symbols

Zhennuo Song

Image of a VR set

Chandwa Mwamba

Image of a field with trees

James Andrews

Image of a person voting

UrŠka Furlan

Image of a wall in Egypt

Owen A.M.Williams

Image of a seaside in Wales

Dr. Peter Dickson

Image of a pipette and test tubes

Edward Matthews

Image of a desert and tiny hills

Eve Elizabeth Moriarty

Image of a bottle of ink on the table

Alexander Lovell

Image of a Welsh flag up in the air

Katherine Rachel Murray

Image of a books stacked on top of each other

Komand Kojouri-Haraj

Image of a person reading a book

Anina Kinzel

Image of an old tunnel entrance

Kath Kimber-Alldridge

Image of a crowd of people

Hadson Sam-Kargbo

Image of a room full of chairs

Maria Zygogianni

Image of a paper with medieval writing on it

Gemma Ellen Wood

Image of an Egyptian columns and a person in a middle

Brigita Orel

Image of an open book

Gabriella Valentino

Image of an old town street

Katie Jones

Image of a stack of books next to a cup of coffee

Rhiannon Sandy

Image of a bookshelf

Kevin Tracey

Image of an old thermometer

Karmen Thomas

Image of a lit up areas of earth from the space

Jennifer Jenson

Image of a book shop

Jay Rees

Image of folders containing paper

Catrin Jenkins

Image of an old empty classroom

Bonny Apunyu

Image of a camera set

Brandi Hill

Image of a pyramid in Egypt

Keighley Perkins

Image of stack of magazines

H Raven Rose

Image of a director holding a clapperboard

Shareena Hamzah Z

Image of a colour pencils

Emily Payton

Image of a tunnel under a bridge

Hadi Baghaei-Abchooyeh

Image of a book covers

Ashleigh Taylor Sullivan

Image of a dark foggy church

Adrian Osbourne

Image of a fountain pen and paper

Jeongkyu Park

Image of a church building

Jacqueline Radford

Image of books stacked together

Rhea Seren Phillips

Image of a building in Cardiff city

Angelika Peljak-Tapinska

Image of a mountain view

Deborah Davids

Image of a hand holding a pen


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