Download some of our latest research:

  1. Report: Kelly, N, Lorenzon-Dus, N. (January 2024) Children's Online Communication report
  2. Report: Lorenzo-Dus, N., Mullineux-Morgan, R., Perkins, K., Themelidis, L. (December 2023) C2CHAT Report, December 2023 and C2CHAT Blueprint
  3. Report: Lorenzo-Dus, N., Mullineux-Morgan, R., Perkins, K., Lacey, S. & Evans, C. (September 2023) Dragon Shield Report September 2023
  4. Report: Palmer, T, Mullineux-Morgan, R, McDonald, R, Hotham, T, Finney, P (November 2022) Strong at the Broken Places Dragon-Shield Project report Nov 2022
  5. Report: Themelidis, L., Lorenzo-Dus, N and Jain, B. (October, 2022) 
  6. Infographic of: Lorenzo-Dus, N. Kinzel, A. and Di Cristofaro (2020). The communicative modus operandi on online child sexual groomers – recurring patterns in their language use, Journal of Pragmatics. DOI: 10.1016/j.pragma.2019.09.010 
  7. Report: Roberts, S. Lorenzo-Dus, N and Meyrick, J (2021) Online Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation: The Views of Police Officers on Offending Involving Indecent Images of Children - Offending Involving Indecent Images of Children (OIIOC) report