After completing his studies at the University of Southampton (Economics & Business Economics), Paul spent a decade working for leading international blue chip technology companies (including IBM, Silicon Graphics, Cray supercomputers) where he was responsible for major / strategic account management and sales management across a broad range of verticals including aerospace, defence, telco, HE and Banking. He then spent a decade in the software industry where he worked at executive and board level shaping the development of the people, process and technology central to several established (and award winning) software service providers and digital start-ups. 

Paul teaches a range of subjects which fall under the umbrella of marketing including sales, sales management, digital marketing and Application development. He is a Fellow of the HEA (Advance HE), a Fellow of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing), an Associate Fellow of the ISM (Institute of Sales Management) and holds a recognised teaching qualification with distinction (PG Cert HE). Paul’s research interests vary, ranging from digital adoption / marketing transition to pedagogical development and behavioural economics.  In addition to teaching, Paul continues to be an active practitioner. He advises several private and public bodies on digital transition and development and holds a Directorship in a joint venture with Swansea University called Digital Academic Solutions Limited. Digital Academic (incorporating sub-brands) has upwards of 250 clients and its HE flagship platforms of Unicat and Digicat are currently launching in the UK after successful trials and platform development.


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  • MN-2008 Digital Marketing

    This module explores how rapidly evolving and ubiquitous technologies are enabling organisations to deal with traditional issues surrounding customer attraction, acquisition and retention using contemporary digital strategies. Students will undoubtedly be familiar with many of the technologies that are used by organisations for advertising their goods/services be it via email, search engines or social media. This module aims to build on students┬┐ existing awareness by highlighting, amongst other things, how the decision to engage in digital marketing is made, how this is aligned with the broader organisational and marketing strategies, as well as the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are used to determine the success, or otherwise, of digital marketing. The module also aims to encourage students to be able to evaluate the various digital marketing channels available to organisations, as well as to formulate a digital marketing strategy.

  • MN-3026 Application Development

    This practical module will take you through the main concepts and theories behind modern E-commerce and Digital business and through the process and practice of planning and creating a live business app for iOS/Android from idea to launch.

  • MN-3560 Strategic Sales Management and Selling

    The course covers the fundamentals of strategic sales management and selling. The course is split into two halves. The first part of the course covers the frameworks and strategies that underpin a successful strategic sales management operation. This includes an examination of the varying types of organisational structure that might be adopted, recruitment and training strategies as well as an overview of sales force motivation, reward and finally evaluation. The second part of the course is more practical in nature and covers the fundamentals of selling. Students will explore the importance of `process in practice┬┐ this includes the importance of building trust, how buyers evaluate suppliers, how to communicate strategic value, presentational sales skills and the key aspects of pitching, negotiation and closing. Structured lectures and interactive seminars utilise video and team role play furnishing students with practical sales knowledge plus a rich set of high value communication skills. The skills learned on the course are transferrable to almost any business situation or industry from the outset.

  • MN-M587 Digital Marketing

    Digital technology continues to touch and shape almost every aspect of modern marketing commutations. The course aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the business (and business development) challenges and opportunities presented by the introduction of new technology. Students will learn about the key concepts that underpin creating sustainable business models within the digital environment through modern marketing techniques with the emphasis on how disruptive technology can be used to effect and evolve multi-channel marketing. The course is practical as well as academic in nature providing students with hands-on experience of developing not only their digital skills (including social, site design search engine and app development) but also the necessary business, research and presentational skills required to build and deploy a real life dynamic digital marketing solution.