Updated Information due to Covid-19

We understand that prospective students and offer holders are justifiably concerned about the coronavirus outbreak and the potential impact on their enrolment at the University. As a result, Swansea University will be delivering all English Language programmes online, which are available for you to apply to if you have an English Language condition in your offer or you need to prepare for academic study.


Our online teaching software will enable you to join a virtual classroom for the live sessions. You will be able to send messages and files and, also, interact via audio and video link.

The online programmes will be able to prepare you for UK academic study by:

  • teaching in small groups
  • face to face interaction online with classmates and teacher. 
  • opportunities for 1:1 live interaction with a teacher. 
  • guided learning tasks for you to complete in your own time. 
  • regular personalised feedback on your work and progress in online tutorials. 
  • flexible self-study (work at your own pace and fit around your schedule).


ELTS at Swansea University

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ELTS Academic Programmes

At ELTS, we provide high quality English language training and offer a variety of EFL, EAP, and ESP programmes, as well as  teacher training courses.

We work hard to enable every student to develop and achieve their full potential.


General English Summer Programme

Two, four, and six-week English courses over the summer with study trips!

Two, four, and six-week general English courses over the summer with trips to places of interest and social events.


We also offer great training, exam preparation, and short courses.

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