What is the Students' Union?

The SU is a student-led organisation, which means we’re here to stand up for our members.

As a Swansea Uni student, you're automatically a member of the SU, so you’re a part of our great, big, diverse community! Through us, you can join societies and sports clubs, get free support from our Advice Centre, get some cheap food and drinks in our bars, and come to all the best events of the year.

We have six elected Full-Time Officers, who are students elected by their fellow students every year to represent you when it comes to all things Uni-related. They make the University aware of issues important to you, run campaigns to celebrate our student community, and fight your corner. So if you’ve got any questions for them, hit them up.

Basically, our mission is to give you the best experience possible while you’re a student here and to give you all the opportunities possible to succeed in what comes after you leave us.

Ciao, I’m Pablo, your Students’ Union President for this year!

My role as President of the Students' Union encompasses various responsibilities. Primarily, I take the lead in democratic procedures and am the main point of contact for university-related matters serving as the primary liaison between the SU and the University, ensuring the fair representation of all students. 

I also oversee both full-time and part-time officer teams and chair the SU's Executive Committee, which holds significant decision-making authority within the Union. Additionally, I also chair the Trustee Board consisting of 9 Trustees, who possess the ultimate decision-making powers within the SU. 

My previous role at Swansea University was working as a Student leader, introducing young adults to HE (higher education) and helping them develop themselves to achieve their goals and grow holistically.

If you want to get in touch with me, or any of the Full-Time Officer Team, drop us an email at fto@swansea-union.co.uk.

Profile image of Pablo, your Students' Union President

Students’ Union Full-time Officers

Full-time Officers at the Students’ Union represent students when it comes to all things about University life.

Every year as a student at Swansea you will have the opportunity to stand for one of the Full-Time Officer positions.

A democratic vote takes place every March and the Full-time Officers start their roles in the Summer ready to tackle the new academic year in September.

It’s simple. If you are elected and you have yet to complete your degree, you can take a year out of your studies to do the job. If you are elected and you are in your final year of study at the time, you can stay in Swansea for another year to do the job, lucky you!

The Full-time Officer team are the voice for students and take your feedback right back to the University and make sure something gets done about it.

Keep an eye out on the Students’ Union Facebook for information about the upcoming elections and how you can get involved.