Here at Swansea University, we know that university life is more than just study. That is why the Sustainability Team work hard to offer you lots of different opportunities to GET INVOLVED with our sustainability work.

By coming along and taking part in our events and activities, not only will you help us improve our environmental and social credentials, you'll also get the opportunity to meet new people, improve your employability and raise your awareness of today’s most pressing issues.

Our stand-out student engagement programme is the Sustainability Award. Students of any subject, in any year of their degree, can work towards this award throughout their time with us at Swansea University. Completing the award contributes to your HEAR academic record and teaches you a wide range of skills. Find out more on Canvas.

To find out what’s going on view our events calendar or visit our Eventbrite page for more information and to book onto events.

A group of students cleaning up at Swansea Beach. One students holds a large rubber tyre.