The First Minister of Wales launched the Morgan Advanced Studies Institute – MASI - on February 26th 2021. We are Wales’ first Advanced Studies Institute focussed on transformative interdisciplinary research. MASI is growing a vibrant, large-scale community, a movement with an urgent purpose to respond to the world’s most critical opportunities and challenges. It brings people together from across all disciplines to discover and innovate processes, materials, technologies, policies and practices that will make the world more sustainable, just, well, joyful and hopeful.

MASI will help drive the University forward, serving the city, region, Wales and the world with world-class research and enterprise. It also acts as a base-camp, gathering groups to be trained, motivated and encouraged to set their eyes on the highest of intellectual and impactful summits, preparing us to attract the significant external funding needed to be an effective agent of change.

MASI logo

MASI is named after the late Rhodri Morgan, former First Minister of Wales and Swansea University Chancellor whose passion for Wales and its place in the World, continues to inspire us.

MASI invests in 1-year (Basecamp) and 2-year (Summit) projects. We welcome Visiting International Fellows and are supported by a cadre of MASI Fellows drawn from early and established career colleagues across the University. In addition, we have curated a series of think-tanks/ thought-leader events. Details of all of this activity can be found below.


  • April 2024 - MASI Call for Proposals 2024/25
  • April 2024 - MASI 2023 Annual Report
  • January 2024 - MASI Agenda Setting Events 2023/24 Awarded
  • October 2023 - We hosted our first MASI External Advisory Board Meeting
  • July 2023 - New projects have been selected for investment after a highly competitive process. All projects are focussed on MASI's 23/24 theme, “Out of the doldrums, with wind in the sails”
  • May 2023 - MASI Proposal Building Event took place, where Inspirational stories from current projects & thought provoking ideas were shared
  • April 2023 April Showcase Event Showreel was created
  • April 2023 - MASI Call for Proposals 2023/24
  • February 2023 – Call for Agenda Setting Events
  • November 2022 - Annual Report
  • October & November 2022 - Capacity Building Lunches on Bay and Singleton
  • July 2022 - New projects have been selected for investment after a highly competitive process. All projects are focussed on MASI's 22/23 theme, "The New Extra-Ordinary"
  • May 2022 - MASI Networking and Proposal shaping events
  • April 2022 - MASI Call for Proposals 2022/23 
  • January 2022 - MASI Agenda Setting Events – Call for Proposals - awarded in March 2022
  • September 2021 - Dec 2021 Basecamp, Summit and Visiting Fellow activities launched
  • April-July 2021 - Sandpits and workshops on pressing world challenges such as, climate change and pandemic recovery

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