Postgraduate research students studying and talking around a desk holding pens with paper infront of them

We offer a comprehensive researcher development programme for postgraduate researchers (PGRs), supporting them to develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to excel in their research and future careers, whether within or beyond academia.

Our approach to PGR development

Development and training doesn’t begin and end with attending a workshop, or reading a particular resource. We encourage our research students to view their entire degree as a continual, holistic programme of development in which they are learning to be researchers in their chosen field, developing the skills needed to complete their research project and write their thesis, as well as developing a range of transferable professional and personal attributes that will be of use in whatever they decide to do next. Doing this means taking advantage of all the opportunities on offer, whether formal workshops and events or the informal reflections and learning that come from conversations in the lab or over coffee, and everything in between.

Workshops, support and resources for current students

View and book workshops to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes you need to excel in your research degree and future career.

Discover the Training Framework and Themes

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