Inclusive academic and pastoral support for our diverse student population

Swansea Academy of Inclusivity works with colleagues across Swansea University to ensure inclusive learning, teaching and assessment is accessible to all; all students have access to the opportunities available; and all students are supported to reach their full potential.

Our projects support:

  • Retention – Supporting students to transition through university and complete their studies.
  • Progression – Ensuring students have the inclusive academic and pastoral support to progress from level to level.
  • Outcomes – Supporting students to achieve the best degree outcomes they can. 

Induction and transition

Students chatting on the steps of Grove building

Learn from our staff guide to student induction and transition and ensure a smooth transition.

Student to student peer mentoring

Students chatting in Café Blas

Discover our peer mentoring e-toolkit: Information for staff on setting up a scheme and for students wanting to be a mentor.