We recognise the challenges individuals and societies face working and living in an ever-changing world. Our interdisciplinary research, led by pioneering academics and utilising cutting-edge facilities, help people adapt to change, and improve their lives. 

Through identifying, developing, and combining emerging research areas, we break new ground to make space for ideas to grow and define and accelerate areas of life-changing research.

Our dynamic, supportive, and driven researchers work collaboratively across subjects, industries, and academia to become a catalyst for change,working towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better world.  We are committed to playing a crucial role for sustainable development in the region, UK and globally and are in the top ten in the People and Planet University League 


We are innovating in health diagnosis, procedures, and devices

Our research within health enables innovation of devices, services, and diagnoses to promote good health and wellbeing within communities and individuals globally.

Our world class research centres such as the Centre for Nanohealth and resources including the SAIL Databank promote collaboration between governments, industry, and academia to tackle and prevent diseases, reverse stigmas, and decrease pressures.

Health Innovation

We are finding ways to preserve and protect the world for future generations

We recognise the global challenges which we all face. Our research is finding ways to preserve and protect the world for future generations.

From running the UK’s largest seagrass restoration project, to flying high with condors in Argentina with SLAM (Swansea Lab for Animal Movement) to advancing the understanding of iceberg calving in Antarctica and creating buildings that harness and store its own energy. Our passionate academic community are working to combat the effects of the climate emergency for the future.

Sustainable Futures, Energy and the Environment

We are bringing people together, preserving history, and influencing policy

We are working with both local and global communities to preserve history, influence policy and encourage open and nurturing cultures.

Our research centres such as the Centre for Digital Arts and Humanities and the Language Research Centre enable us to understand the past to influence the future. They enable us to fulfil our ambition to create an equal, safe, and sustainable world through understanding and working together.

Culture, Communication and Heritage

We are making a difference to society, protecting people, and ensuring equality

We understand the value of diversity across workforces, communities, and life. It is our belief that there should be equality and justice for all.

Through our research centres we have been able to influence policies, confront contemporary challenges, and make a difference to societies across the real and digital worlds.

Justice and Equality

We are putting humans at the centre of digital advancements

Our research puts people at the centre of technological advancements. We create safer digital environments which integrate and enhance human lifestyles.

Working internationally and at some of our pioneering research centres, such as Emerging Markets Research Centre (EMaRC), Centre for Nanohealth, and CHERISH-DE, our academics are putting humans at the core of our research, outputs, and recommendations for a more inclusive and safe future.

Digital Futures

We are helping industry to be more sustainable

Working with partners and experts in their field, our researchers are able to streamline and improve productivity to reduce waste and reduce outgoings within manufacturing.

Home to the Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering and state of the art facilities such as Coastal Engineering laboratory, 30m wave flume, and wind tunnel, we have invested millions of pounds to conduct meaningful research into experimental aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and more.

Smart Manufacturing

We are creating innovation in steel and the steel making process

Our research into steel has led to the development of lighter, greener, smarter steel and a cleaner production process, helping to combat climate change.

Our multi-million pound campus, home to projects such as SPECIFIC, and close to industry partners Tata Steel, has enabled us to work across disciplines to create and develop potential solutions to the climate emergency.

Steel Innovation