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We are helping people across all ages; from babies being breastfed and the consideration for new mums, analysing language used by online groomers and the effects of screen time on young people’s mental health, migration and integration of people and cultures, to aiding aging population through exploring and finding solutions to needs in later life including LGBTQ rights in older adults.

Our research mines the history and culture of Wales but also recognises that exploring international culture is vital in creating a rich and multi-layered arts and humanities environment. That’s why our research groups focus on countries including Germany, Portugal, Spain and the Americas. 

  • The University is keen to highlight and explore the city’s local heritage through research. Through the World of Welsh Copper project, Swansea University has developed a programme of research, community engagement and heritage-led regeneration to celebrate this important industry, understand how it shaped the city and explore how this heritage can contribute to the future development of the city. 
  • At Swansea, we recognise the value in utilising technology to illuminate aspects of the past. Our Centre on Digital Arts and Humanities is charting the development of computing and its impact, and investigating techniques for lifting data from old maps into GIS systems.
  • In the fields of media and communication, our researchers are looking at the social, political and economic implications of Virtual Reality; and at aspects of global and local digital media including digital divides, data journalism, and digital media literacy and pedagogy.

Our researchers are exploring language, history, heritage, and the changing world to create a more harmonised and safe environment for people of all ages across the globe. We believe that communities locally and worldwide, should celebrate diversity, look after their local areas, and have equal rights and freedom of expression

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Shifting parental behaviours in youth sport

Exploring factors that influence parental behaviours

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