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Freshers is an opportunity to make new friends, explore your new city and settle into university life.

When you first arrive at Swansea, there’s a chance that you won't know anyone. Don't worry - you're going to meet loads of new people. Visit the Freshers' Fayre and sign up to the clubs and societies that interest you - it's the best way to meet like-minded people. Our advice is to join as many as you can to begin with!

If you're staying in halls, get to know your flatmates. Prop your door open and put some music on as you unpack - anyone passing is bound to say hello. And don't forget, when you start your course, you're going to meet even more people with the same interests as you.

What exactly is Freshers' Fayre?

Our Freshers’ Fairs will take place at both our Singleton and Bay Campuses in the first week of Freshers #SUFest19. They are a great chance to find out how you can get involved meet our clubs and societies in person, ask them any questions and get signed up. We will also have a load of local businesses offering you great student deals and freebies!

There’s no limit to the number of societies or clubs you can join. However, think about the free time you have available and make sure you can commit your time without affecting your studies.

What is #SUFest2019?

SUFest19 is the Student Unions’ official Freshers' fortnight which starts on Friday 20th September. It is a good way to meet new people, have a great time and officially kick start your University experience with events to suit everyone with daytime, evening and club nights.

Check out the Students’ Union’s Facebook page for the full #SUFest19 line up (and events that will be coming up for the rest of the year).

Where can I get my ticket?

The only official #SUFest19 tickets can be purchased from There are lots of people selling fake Freshers wristbands, so don’t be fooled. If it’s got the Students’ Union logo on it, it’s real.