Agenda Setting Events Call 2023/24

What we are looking for:

Proposals for 2-3 day residential events that involve invited local, national and international participants (25-30 attendees) , have a clear strategy for inclusive and diverse participation; and provide opportunities to increase participation via digital means if appropriate. Your proposal should clearly demonstrate why the topic is novel, timely and significant and show how you will create a compelling transdisciplinary research agenda for future action.


  • There must be co-leadership of the event from colleagues in at least two faculties
  • Co-leaders should not have received an Agenda Setting Award in the last two rounds
  • Early-career colleagues are welcome to lead bids but if you are a PhD researcher of PostDoc, please include a permanent member of staff in your leadership team.
  • Call is open to academic and professional service colleagues

To apply:

Email a 2-page PDF that: lists the organisers (and their Faculties); the invited participants; budget (£6.5K); and addresses the assessment criteria fully (see below).
Email address for proposals:

Assessment Criteria:

  • Novelty, adventure and ambition of the topic
  • Research and scholarship standing of the proposed invitees
  • Transdisciplinary nature of the event
  • Fit to the UKRI funding strategies – how could this event lead to an externally funded project?
  • Fit to the University and Faculties’ research strategies
  • Format and outputs from the workshop – we encourage imaginative, creative meeting activities and clear outputs (including the mandatory Agenda Setting Event Report).
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity of Event
  • Value for money
  • Fit to the Theme


Proposals will be assessed by at least 3 reviewers drawn from across the University and funding decisions will be made primarily on these reports along with any strategic considerations deemed important by the panel.

Important Dates:

Call Opens 18th October 2023
Deadline for applications 8th December 2023
Decisions 15th December 2023
Agenda Setting Events start 2024–early July 2024 (All expenditure must be finalised by early July).

Successful Applications:

As well as organising the event, successful applicants will be required to write a brief white-paper setting out the agenda that was created; this will be published on the MASI website.