Professor Brian Garrod
Professor in Marketing (Research)
Telephone: (01792) 604211
Room: Office 324 - 324
Third Floor
School of Management
Bay Campus

Prof Brian Garrod is the author of 8 textbooks and more than 50 research articles, focusing mainly on the marketing and management of tourism destinations. He is co-editor-in chief of the Journal of Destination Marketing & Management and sits on the editorial board of six other academic journals. He has undertaken research for a wide range of organisations, including the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the European Union Interreg IIc fund, the Welsh Government, Visit Wales, the Countryside Agency and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Prof Garrod has successfully supervised a number of PhD students and is currently seeking applications for PhD students in the areas of destination  marketing and management, heritage tourism, ecotourism, sustainable tourism and cultural marketing.

Prof Garrod is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the Tourism Society.


  1. Fyall, A., Garrod, B. Destination management: a perspective article Tourism Review 75 1 165 169
  2. Balomenou, N., Garrod, B. Using volunteer-employed photography to inform tourism planning decisions: A study of St David's Peninsula, Wales Tourism Management 44 126 139
  3. Balomenou, N., Garrod, B. Photographs in tourism research: Prejudice, power, performance and participant-generated images Tourism Management 70 201 217
  4. Balomenou, N., Garrod, B., Georgiadou, A. Making sense of tourists' photographs using canonical variate analysis Tourism Management 61 173 179
  5. Breitsohl, J., Garrod, B. Assessing tourists' cognitive, emotional and behavioural reactions to an unethical destination incident Tourism Management 54 209 220

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  • MN-2058 Contemporary Issues in Tourism

    Tourism is often said to be the world┬┐s first truly global industry and is also considered to presently be one its largest in economic terms. Tourism is therefore a very important economic sector in many regions and countries. At the same time, tourism is a service-based and people-oriented business, in which the `product┬┐ is co-constructed by a wide diversity of consumers and producers in the complex context of a tourism destination. As such, tourism carries with it impacts on the cultural and social fabric of those destinations, as well as on their natural environment. The latter is also impacted upon by the means of transport tourists use from their home to their destination, around the destination, and then back home again. As such, tourism is replete with controversial issues that have significant implications for society, economy and environment. The purpose of this module is to take a number of contemporary issues related to tourism and to consider them critically.

  • MN-3056 Sustainable Tourism

    Designing and implementing effective management strategies and policies for sustainable tourism requires a sound knowledge of the concept of sustainable development and how it applies to the context of tourism. This module will identify the core principles of sustainable development approach and examine how they can be put into practice with the aim of making various tourism types and destinations more sustainable. This will involve an in-depth evaluation of good practice on the part of the tourism industry, governments and host communities, non-government organisations and tourists. Environmental, economic and cultural aspects of sustainability will be considered. A practical focus will be adopted through the use of international case studies and classroom-based exercises. There will also be two field visits to observe sustainable tourism in action.


  • The Role of Authenticity in the Luxury Hotel experience: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Hotel Sector in the United Kingdom (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Tiffany Low
    Other supervisor: Prof Brian Garrod
  • Cultural Value of the Llangollen Eisteddfod. Understanding its Digital Audience. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Carl Cater
    Other supervisor: Prof Brian Garrod

    Other supervisor: Prof Brian Garrod
    Other supervisor: Dr Carl Cater
  • A research into dental tourism characteristics, planning and promotion in Hungary. (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Carl Cater
    Other supervisor: Prof Brian Garrod