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Upon submitting your application for accommodation, you will receive a confirmation email which displays the preferences you submitted. You may edit your preferences within your application without affecting the date you initially submitted your application.

Your application for accommodation is processed in order, according to:

  • the date we receive confirmation from Admissions of your unconditional offer to study
  • students with additional medical or disability requirements
  • the date of receipt of your application


We do our best to offer you your preferred room type when allocating you a place in accommodation. If there is not a vacancy in your first choice of accommodation, we will consider all your other choices in ranked order until we can locate a room for you. Because the residences vary in the numbers of students they accommodate, obtaining your higher preferences can't be guaranteed.

Upon receipt of the room offer, you will have 3 days to accept the offer and pay a £100 Reservation Deposit to secure your room.


We allocate by date of application and room availability, in line with our Allocations Policy.

Applications for students beginning courses in January and March will be reviewed from September and January respectively. Please allow 28 days prior to your course commencing to receive your room offer.

Some students may receive offers before others, but this does not mean you have not been allocated. We may need to fill a flat or area or wait for already allocated offers to expire before sending further offers.


  • We will require a guarantor if you are not 18 years of age before the start of the tenancy. Further guidance will be sent via email, where applicable.
  • International students: Before accepting an offer of accommodation, you must be in receipt of any relevant legal documents such as your Visa/CAS letter to study. You may contact us directly should you need to delay your application for accommodation for this reason.