Accommodation information for Parents and Guardians

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Supporting your child in their new home

We understand the big step that students take when they move away to University, and how this is an equally significant time for parents and guardians. That’s why we are on hand to support you and your child with the transition.

Throughout their time living in University accommodation, students have access to a range of support, such as access to Residence Life Co-ordinators and Residence Life Assistants to assist students with their accommodation queries. 

There is 24 hour security on campus, with the security team also being trained to provide a first response service including first aid.

To find out more about supporting your child in their University journey, visit our dedicated Parents and Guardians pages.

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Supporting your child with the accommodation application process

Before applying, make sure the student applies for any funding that they may be eligible for.

If possible, visit us at one of our Open Days (these are offered virtually or in person). We recommend you take an in-person or a virtual tour so you see the accommodation for yourselves. Open Days also provide the opportunity to speak directly to the accommodation team who are on hand to answer your questions and help.

Applicants should apply for accommodation as soon as they have their student number which will be sent from Admissions - this applies to a student holding either a conditional or an insurance offer to study. Do not wait until results day to apply as you will then not be supported by the guarantee accommodation policy which ends on the 30 June.

When your child starts University, they will gain access to our student site MyUni, where they can access the Resident’s Handbook for their allocated residence. The accommodation pages on MyUni also provide our students with everything they need to know about life when they are living within our residences. The area supports our students on who to raise accommodation issues with, how to contact the finance team regarding payments, how to connect with others via resident social activities and so much more. 

Residential Services and Data Protection

Many parents/guardians pay the accommodation fees. However, the legal contract is between Residential Services and your son or daughter. As such, due to Data Protection regulations, we can usually only discuss the details with them directly. If you are contacting the accommodation team on behalf of the student you will be asked to provide their full name, their student number and if it is on the phone we may ask to speak with the student before continuing the conversation. If it is on email, we may ask the student to provide consent in writing before we can continue to provide you with information.

It's not that we don't want to talk to you, we just have a legal requirement to adhere to guidelines on what information we can give you. We will happily talk to you about any general queries, but we can't go into specific details unless there are exceptional circumstances preventing the student from contacting us. If you are concerned about the student’s wellbeing while they are living in residences, then please get in touch. We are happy to check in on students and offer additional support if needed and the student is accepting of this.

Any residence invoices (accommodation fees) will be sent directly to the student via their University email address. If you need to know the details, you will need to ask the student to forward it to you. This is also the case for any issues that they may have. We cannot communicate with 3rd parties and will always respond to the student directly if we receive any correspondence. We try and support and respect our students living in residences and always ensure we consider their needs.