A Safe and Secure Environment for world-class learning and research

Swansea University offers a safe, secure and welcoming experience for students, staff and visitors.

An integral part of campus life, our friendly team of security professionals provides a 24/7 security service across our campuses. The dedicated team brings a wealth of experience in providing security services to the University and is trained to provide a first response service including first aid. 

To support the team and offer round-the-clock safety reassurance to students and staff, we offer a free and handy safety app to students and staff called Safezone.

Safezone - The Easy-to-Use App to Keep You Safe On Campus

Safezone is a free mobile phone app for University students and staff to use. It's easy to download and gives you immediate access to on-campus security and a team of first responders through your mobile phone.

SafeZone lets you get help quickly in a personal emergency, or if someone needs first aid or general help. You can check in when you are working alone or in high risk areas, to share your status with the response team. You can set a timer on your check-in session that will automatically alert the team if you become unresponsive. SafeZone also sends you notifications in the event of an emergency, so you know what to do to stay safe.

Safezone FAQs