Accommodation Issues

Accommodation Issues?

If you have any issue whilst in our accommodation, there is always someone you can talk to who can offer help, advice or support.  

In the first instance, speak to your: Residence Life Coordinator or Residence Manager.

Your ResNet Coordinator runs weekly surgeries for you to call in for a chat about things.

Where to find us!
Student Village Reception House 40 Monday 2:00pm 3:00pm
Singleton Park Preseli Reception Tuesday 2:00pm 3:00pm
Bay Campus Tower Reception Wednesday 3:00pm 4:00pm
Transfer to another room or site?

 If it's before you have arrived at your accommodation, please download and return the: (F.04) Pre-Arrival Transfer Form

Room Swap

We have a Facebook Room Swap page. Post here and you may be able to swap rooms, and the cost is only £5.00. Make sure you state if your flat is: Alcohol-Free, Single Sex or Quiet, Mature area or Postgraduate: See Facebook Room Swaps and complete the form if you find someone that wants to swap rooms with you:  (F.03) Room Swap Request Form

Request a Transfer

If you are not able to find someone to Swap, you can complete the form below. And if we have any available accommodation, we will transfer you.

  • In the first few weeks of the term, many rooms appear to be available but they are in fact contracted to a student who has arranged a late arrival. 

Due to the numbers of requests at the start of the session, it is unlikely that we will be able to arrange all requests immediately. Where possible, we will try to coordinate moves as quickly as possible.

The transfer list will operate in the following priority order:- 

  • Date of application priority
  • Medical Need/Disability 

You will need to complete: 

Please be advised that there is a £50.00 administration charge for all successful transfers. 

  • Please check emails regularly. Any updates will be sent to your university email.
  • Please ensure to give as much information as possible for your request in order to offer you the best alternative.
  • The request must be renewed every 14 days or the request will expire.
  • After the offer is made, you will have 3 days to accept it before it is cancelled. 
  • All transfer/room move requests if successful will be charged a £50.00 administration fee.
  • A transfer may not be considered if there is any outstanding debt.
Ending your Studies?

Withdrawing or Suspending Studies?

**If you are withdrawing from university and living in University Accommodation, your financial liability will not end until you have completed the following:

  • Formalities to withdraw/suspend from your department/admissions.
  • Completed a Release From Accommodation Request Form (email the accommodation team for this form) and return it Residential Services.
  • Cleaned and removed all rubbish from your room.
  • Returned ALL keys to the accommodation back to the appropriate site office.


  • A 6-week notice is only applicable to students officially Withdrawing / Suspending studies. 
  • You are able to stay in your room for the 6 weeks notice period.
  • Notice starts the Friday on or after you have returned the form to Residential Services.
  • If you move out of your accommodation and return your keys prior to the 6 weeks notice, we will try to rent the room to a new student. 
  • Please note failure to notify Residential Services could result in full liability for the full amount of fees owing.
Want to move out?

Want to move out of your accommodation?

You should NOT sign any Tenancy Agreement / Contract without first discussing your case with the accommodation office and formally being released from your contract with the university.

The only other circumstances under which a student may be released from his/her contract before its end date is:

  • When arrangements are made for a new student to take over the let of the room.
  • If the university is successful in finding a suitable replacement tenant, (who is not currently in university accommodation) to take over the remainder of the contract. A Tenancy Release Fee of £350.00 (2018) will apply.

Release From Accommodation Request Form (email the accommodation team for this form)

Students with disabilities & special requirements

Take a look at our video featuring one of our residents, David Smith and his experience of the accommodation process.

David talks about living in residences and the importance of advance planning to ensure your accommodation is equipped to meet your needs. Forms for accommodation subsidies can be found in the Document Store.

Students with Disabilities

We are committed to enabling access for all students. For those with specific requirements, we ask that you apply as early as possible.

Students with Disabilities will be given priority during the allocation process once they have contacted the Disability Office.

In order to give your application the best attention, we require the following:

  • Make your application by 1st August. You can apply whether you hold an Unconditional, Conditional, Insurance or Clearing offer with the University - Visit our applying for accommodation pages here
  • Tell us what support you need at the time of your application.
  • If you applying after this date, you may consider deferring if appropriate accommodation is not available.
  • Let us know what support you need, whether it be an ensuite, fridge for medication, adapted facilities or location of your accommodation.
  • Only information provided when applying and recommendations from a medical professional for adaptations can be taken into account when allocating rooms.

We allocate from February each year for students holding unconditional offers. Therefore, once rooms have been allocated, we are unable to process additional information not provided at the time of the application.

Examples of facilities in residences:


Example of facilities in residences:
Adapted Bedrooms 21 0 1 1 0 0 0 1
Adapted Kitchens 14 0 1 1 0 0 0 0
Adapted Bathroom 14 0 1 1 0 0 0 0
Seat in Shower Y N Y N N N N N
Flashing Fire Alarms     Y Y   N N N
Vibrating Alarms* Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Seizure Mats** Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Mini Fridges* Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Wash Hand Basin Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Carer Rooms Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y

*  Equipment can be loaned from the Accommodation Office on request.

** As above, however, we need appropriate time to arrange a telephone line in some residences for the Auto Dialler to call externally.

For equipment and/or reasonable adjustments to be made, we may require an Occupational Therapists report to determine the exact equipment required.

Need Equipment or room adaptations?

For equipment and/or reasonable adjustments to be made, we may require an Occupational Therapists report to determine the exact equipment required at least 6 weeks prior to arrival.

Within our accommodation, we have: appropriate ground floor rooms at most residence sites and arrangements can be made for hearing-impaired students.  

Adapted rooms for:

  • Wheelchair users and students with mobility issues.
  • Hearing impaired students.  
  • Visually impaired students.
  • Adjacent rooms for Carers.
  • Alarms and seizure monitors.

Any student who has mobility difficulties and all those residing in adapted accommodation must complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP), as per example: PEEP - Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Students registered with the Disability Office may spend their whole time at University in residential accommodation if this is recommended on medical grounds.

Additional Services available

Telecare Service - This service has been set up in order to assist students who have a medical condition which may affect their ability to live independently in university residences. This is achieved through the combination of a 24 hours telephone link to the monitoring centre and state of the art technology.

Telecare Service Leaflet

For further Information please see:

Disability Office Policy & Procedures

PEEP - Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

PEEP - Questionnaire

PEEP - Sign off sheet

PEEP - Procedure for drawing up PEEP

For further help, advice or support, please contact the Disability@CampusLife on Tel: No: +44 (0)1792 602000

Care Experienced Students

We assist Money@CampusLife in supporting students who come from a care background and work closely to ensure that the required support with regards to their accommodation needs is met, such as year-round accommodation.

We can also offer, where possible, a full choice from Residential Services' extensive range of room categories such as good value accommodation or a convenient location, whatever is the most suitable accommodation for their individual requirements.

Please note that in order to guarantee year-round accommodation, Residential Services may need to request that, outside of the academic year they move room or residence.

Further information:

  •  If you require any further information about the support available to you, you should make enquiries via Money@CampusLife.
  • To return to Money@Campus life page highlighting the full range of support available to Care Experienced Young People, please follow this link.

Support Network

There is a full support network for students.

Our Residence Life Co-ordinator and Residence Life Assistants are here to support you with any accommodation issues.

  • Welfare@CampusLife provides advice and guidance to students on a range of welfare issues including homesickness, culture shock, bereavement, bullying, harassment, relationship breakdowns and much more. Everyone has a different student experience when they start University. Be assured that we are just as concerned about students' welfare as we are about their academic studies and performance.
  • Money@CampusLife provides advice and guidance on all student money-related issues. For many students, starting university will be the first time they will have managed their own finances. Meeting this challenge successfully will help ensure students achieve their maximum potential whilst studying and will contribute to a positive student experience.
  • International@CampusLife provides information and advice on non-academic matters, including immigration advice and services, to all international (non-UK) students and their dependents.
  • Wellbeing@CampusLife, for students experiencing difficulties and needing support. They can point you towards what type of service or support would be most beneficial.
  • Disability@CampusLifeif you have a disability, medical condition or specific learning difficulty, contact Disability@CampusLife to find out more about the support that is available to ensure you have the same opportunities as everyone else.