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Not all courses start and end at the same times. They can often run outside of the 'Typical' 40 Week Undergraduate tenancy, starting weeks before and running for weeks after the academic year or for only part of the academic year. For this reason, we set aside accommodation to ensure that we can allocate students who start earlier together so that no one is in accommodation on their own.

These courses can start earlier, can run longer and have different hours of study. 

  • Health Care students such as Audiology, Cardiology, Nuclear Medicine/Radiotherapy, Respiratory, Nursing (Adult/Child/Mental Health), Midwifery, Paramedic Science.
  • Postgraduate Courses
  • Visiting & Exchange Students. These typically can be for 1 or 2 Semesters only.

When applying for accommodation, please state the start and end date of your course.

College of Medicine & Human and Health Science students

Visiting & Exchange Students