Karmen Thomas

Research Details

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - Modern History

SUPERVISOR(S) - Dr Christoph Laucht, Dr Tomás Irish, Dr Adam Mosley


THESIS TITLE - History of Science: Science and Universities Swansea 1920-2020

Research Synopsis

The foundation of the University College of Swansea was underpinned by conversations and debates regarding the provision and development of science education in Wales. My research will identify and evaluate the science faculty’s regional, national and international connections with industry, commerce and academia from the institution’s creation in 1920 through the decades to the 1960s.

I will assert that the concept of community accompanied by the roles of collaboration and networks were essential to the success of scientific educational developments at the institution’s science faculty. Other elements that were critical to the growth of research and development such as staffing levels and infrastructure will be assessed in relation to the institution’s response to adverse financial circumstances and unfavourable political periods. By placing the science faculty’s progression within the wider context of scientific and social narratives this research will be a valuable contribution to the institution’s history.

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