Deborah Davids

Research Details

Subject area: Creative writing

Supervisor: Dr Francesca Rhydderch, Dr Anne Lauppe-Dunbar

Research degree: PhD

Thesis Title: Raven

Research Synopsis

19-year old college student Freya Collins leads a seemingly normal life. She knows nothing about her family’s unusual history until a mysterious young woman starts following her, and with the appearance of this woman, strange coincidences start taking place. During a trip to a museum, Freya comes across a painting in which she thinks she sees that same ominous stranger who had been following her. Soon after, Freya finds herself inside that painting.

As she embarks on an incredible journey through paintings, she begins to realise that the mysterious woman is connected to the untimely deaths of several of her predecessors. Freya chases her through five classic works of art, further into the past, where she finally uncovers the real reason behind her family’s fate.