Ashish Dwivedi

Research Details

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - Literature & Creative Writing

SUPERVISOR(S) - Dr. Chris Pak & Dr. Alice Barnaby

RESEARCH DEGREE - Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

THESIS TITLE - "When Media Talks: Re-looking at Animations"

Research Synopsis

My research talks of the ways animations (over the course of the 20th century) have proven their potential to offer fresh spaces for children's socialization by building up on edutainment content, treating children's socialization under the lens of performativity, tragedy, gender, and anthropomorphism.

As a sub-category to Mass Media (emerging as a socializing agent), animations play an indispensable role in childhood (sometimes, till adulthood), and could be held responsible for the cultivation of certain traits/attributes that are integral to the process of socialization.

In this way, animations transmogrify to achieve serious consideration amongst audiences, and not just treated as a form of casual consumption. The present research follows the footprints of previous research (conducted around this discourse), and is motivated to take a step ahead where the prints end.

Image of children playing in the forest