Rachel Morgan

Research Details

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - Modern Foreign Languages (Latin America Studies)

SUPERVISOR(S) - Dr. Lloyd Hughes Davies and Dr. Federico Lopez-Terra

RESEARCH DEGREE (PhD/M.Phil/MA by Research) - PhD

THESIS TITLE - Rosas and Perón in the Contemporary Argentine Novel 

Research Synopsis

After achieving a BA Joint First Class Honours Degree in French and Spanish at Swansea University, I am now pursuing a PhD in Latin American Cultural Studies. For many decades, Argentina’s former populist President, Juan Domingo de Perón has been equated to the infamous nineteenth-century Federalist dictator, Juan Manuel de Rosas.

The official liberal historical perspective postulates that the Perón government was the ‘second tyranny’, the first being the Rosas regime, but this assertion is largely inaccurate. Despite the evident parallels to be drawn, both men’s supporters and archenemies use the similarities to reinforce their own political agendas. Thus, my project explores the plausible comparisons between Argentina’s most polemical political leaders, focusing on the literary representations of both figures in a series of fictional and historical works.


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