Edward Matthews

Research Details

Subject Area: Creative writing

Supervisor: Dr Alan Bilton

Research Degree: PhD

Thesis Title: Borders: Exploring the Impact of the US/Mexico Border on Local Communities

Research Synopsis

The dissertation novel I’m writing is set on the southern border of California. The novel explores a fractured family’s relationship as an estranged father, David Bray, attempts to reconcile with his three children, two of whom live in Tijuana, Mexico. The year is 2040 and memories have been commodified and are being bought and sold by a company the protagonist, Sol, works for. His main client is Mr Bray, who pressures him into being his emissary to purchase memories from his three children—their childhood memories that he missed out on. As Sol gets deeper into this family’s dynamic, he realises the degree of difficulty of this reconciliation is beyond his capability.


Mountain at daytime



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