Sarah Elizabeth Williams

Research Details

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - Media Communication and Public Relations

SUPERVISOR(S): Dr L Evans and Dr W Merrin


THESIS TITLE - Digital and Media Literacy Education


Research Synopsis

This study aims to conduct research that will add to, broaden and extend the research currently available regarding the provision and requirement of digital and media literacy education.

Although digital and media literacy is potentially a global issue, it is recognised that it is beyond the scope of this study to conduct research on this scale. Therefore, this study proposes to evaluate and analyse the current educational digital literacy initiatives and programme provisions in Wales in order to, analyse and identify potential inadequacies, and identify the social and cultural implications and impact of the current digital and media literacy provisions.

In addition this research aims to contribute to the current and active debates surrounding digital and media literacy such as those in the House of Commons Digital Culture, Media and Sport Committee interim report- published on the 29th July 2018, and final report published on the 14th February 2019.


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