Hayat Mohamed

Research Details

DEPT/SUBJECT AREA - Media and Communication

SUPERVISOR(S) - Dr Yan WU & Dr DR Krijn

RESEARCH DEGREE (PhD/M.Phil/MA by Research) - PhD

THESIS TITLE - Media Representation of Conflict: Sudan national Media Representation of the Darfur Conflict

Research Synopsis

This study is concerned with the framing and representation of the Darfur conflict in post-Cold War era by the Sudanese national media. The Darfur conflict is one of the conflicts that escalated in the post-Cold War era and during the War on Terrorism after 2003. The war has been labelled as genocide by the international media, and resulted in numerous international reactions.

Many scholars have examined the framing of the conflict in the international media. However, the framing of the conflict in the Sudanese national media has not received much attention, especially from the perspective of natives, who have the experience and knowledge of the political system, journalism, the media system, the public culture, the background to the conflict, and the history and geography of the region. This study represents a new contribution to the study of the media and conflict in Darfur from the view point of the natives.

The study, then, is concerned primarily with the national media, but also with the role of national and international political systems in the internal conflict of the new era, in which internal wars become the concern of external powers and affect the media systems nationally and internationally.

To examine the national framing of the conflict the study applied the qualitative and quantitative content analysis methods beside semi-structured interviews with some important figures and senior journalist. This research examines the effects of globalisation and values and concepts of the new era on war reporting, as well as the role of international political systems.

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