Teresa Hillier

Research Details


SUPERVISOR(S) - Prof David Turner, Dr. Rebecca Clifford


THESIS TITLE - Providing Education for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Related Disabilities: How Policy and Collective Action Brought about Change during the Second Half of the Twentieth Century


Research Synopsis

At a time of great social change in mid-20th century Britain, a series of parliamentary reforms included the 1944 Education Act which aimed to remove inequalities in the system of education. 

However, for many children with cerebral palsy and related disabilities, implementation of this Act led to them being excluded from education. Many of their parents sought to remedy this perceived injustice through campaigning.

This direct action drew public attention to their cause and a number of parent-led organisations, known as ‘Spastic Associations’ were established. The changes in social policy and attitudes, along with the development of charitable organisations are examined to consider their impact on the lives of individuals with cerebral palsy.  

image of children on the bench