Hendrefoilan Student Village closed on 30 June 2023.

Student Village hill with residence exteriors and cars

Living in Hendrefoilan Student Village

Hendrefoilan Student Village, also known as HSV or ‘The Village’, was situated in a residential area two miles from Singleton Park Campus. This large off-campus residence site was popular with students looking for off-campus living that was low cost and offered a sociable atmosphere. It was once home to 1666 students, later decreasing to 686 first years, postgraduates and returning students.


In the early 1960s, the University purchased the land on which the separate Hendrefoilan site would be built during an earlier period of financial strength. This was a major change from the 1940s vision of the University being centred on its Singleton Park Campus.
In 1969-70, 1003 students lived in halls of residence, mostly on Singleton Park Campus.

The Hendrefoilan site was built in three distinct phases between 1971 and 1993, designed to accommodate rising student numbers. The student population in fact increased from 3916 in 1988 to 6364 in 1992.

The older part of the Student Village had 130 houses and flats accommodating 976 students.
The newer Woodside area had 98 flats accommodating 686 students

The site was sold in 2013 to developer St. Modwen, and works began in the proceeding years to redevelop the site into a new housing estate. Additional accommodation, with space for 4000 students, became available following the campus expansion and development project, culminating with the opening of Bay Campus in September 2015.

Handover was completed on 30th June 2023, as the final residents departed from the area known as Woodside. As a result of the University’s new partnership with two Purpose Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) providers, students can expect to enjoy high-quality student accommodation in the City Centre from September 2023.

Houses at the Student Village

In 2017, there were houses consisting 4, 6, 7 and 8 bedrooms.
By 2019, only the 7 bed flats remained, following the demolition of the oldest accommodation to make way for a new development.

Most rooms were standard single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities, though there were a small number of double rooms, large single rooms and en-suite single rooms.

Each house had a large kitchen-diner equipped with cooker(s), refrigerators(s), freezer and microwave oven. There were tables and chairs and plenty of cupboard space.

photograph taken in 1999 showing a house in Hendrefoilan

Woodside Flats

The Woodside Flats were located adjacent to the original Student Village and comprised 14 buildings, of which contained 98 self-contained flats.

Each flat housed 7 students in standard single rooms with shared kitchens and bathrooms (1 bathroom to 4 students on average).

Bedrooms contained a desk, chair, wardrobe and shelves in the room.

Kitchens had a cooker, refrigerator, freezer, microwave oven, tables, chairs and cupboards.

a furnished bedroom in Hendrefoilan

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