We are a proud partner of the £24 million pan-Wales Accelerate programme, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Welsh European Funding Office, Welsh Government's Health and Social Services group, universities, Life Sciences Hub Wales, and the health boards.

Accelerate helps innovators in Wales to translate their ideas into solutions, enabling them to be adopted in health and care.

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We bring partners from industry, academia, and the NHS together within the life sciences and healthcare setting to drive research and innovation to develop, evaluate and deploy new technologies.

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Sports technology innovation

Sports technology innovation

HTC & Univarsity

We collaborated with sport-tech start-up, Univarsity, on a three month R&D project that helped to develop an understanding of sports inclusion and participation at universities which supported the product development and successful funding applications. 

HTC & Copner Biotech

We provided Copner Biotech with ‘wet lab’ and academic support in the form of sterilisation and cellular toxicity testing which has led to the generation of an in vitro data set relating both the appropriate choice of sterilisation method and the toxicity profile of 3D cell scaffolds.

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We work with enterprises of all shapes and sizes who are developing healthcare innovations that will benefit patients, improve NHS Wales, and boost the Welsh economy. The programme is flexible, and applications can be submitted by academics, industry partners, or clinicians. There’s no project minimum or maximum size.

Through true collaboration, we have proudly built a network of more than 200 enterprises and have a portfolio of more than 60 projects across Wales that improve the level of care in the NHS.

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