The largest science festival in Wales

The Swansea Science Festival returned between October 31st & November 6th, live and in person and it is though to have welcomed more than 10,000 visitors.

The week-long event – the largest of its kind in Wales – hosted a wide-range of shows, talks and workshops along with over 30 free interactive exhibits aimed to take visitors’ minds on a journey of discovery.

group of mixed age and mixed gender people engaged with the interactive workshop at science festival

Bugs V Drugs

The Healthcare Technology Centre team attended the busy science festival, who’s specialist Microbiologists led an interactive workshop based on the future of antibiotics and alternative therapies.

Bugs V Drugs invited visitors to join in with the research into alternatives to antibiotics and discuss the various alternatives including bacteriophages, which are viruses that specifically infect bacterial cells.

Through a group card game in the style of Top Trumps, visitors learned about what the future medicines in this field will look like and the sustainable use of alternatives, and why this is important in preventing future health problems. Along with this, younger children had fun creating their own bacterial phage using pipe cleaners and other items in the crafting area.