A Guaranteed Medicine Interview

Each of our 10 Pathway Degrees offer students the opportunity of a guaranteed interview for Graduate Entry Medicine. If you didn't get into Medicine and find yourself applying for University through clearing our Pathways are an ideal choice for you.

UCAS will require you as an undergraduate Medicine Applicant to select a non-Medicine 5th choice on your application. Our Pathways to Medicine have been specifically designed to fill the 5th choice slot with a degree which will help you achieve your ambition to study Medicine, and help you gain a guaranteed interview for our Medicine degree. 

Medicine: UCAS 5th Choice Guide

How it works

Students who choose a Pathway to Medicine benefit from bespoke modules, healthcare-related placements and specialist preparation for applications to Graduate Entry Medicine alongside a guaranteed interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine course.

We guarantee graduates from our select undergraduate degrees an interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine programme, provided they meet the minimum entry requirements at the time of application, and successfully complete the Pathway.

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Find out what our Pathways Degrees have to offer:

Applied Medical Sciences
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Applied Medical Sciences gives an in-depth and applied understanding of how the human body works, what happens when it goes wrong, how we currently treat disorders, and the potential for novel therapeutics. Our Applied Medical Sciences Pathway degrees will give you a grounding in the sciences that underpins medicine.

Available as: 

Medical Biochemistry
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Medical Biochemistry is at the core of modern Medicine, and our two Pathways degrees in Medical Biochemistry will give you the scientific understanding vital to the study of Medicine. 

Available as:

Medical Genetics
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Medical Genetics is an exciting and fast-moving field that is making an enormous impact on Medicine. Medical Genetics will help prepare you by understanding the science that is revolutionising Medicine. 

Available as:

Medical Pharmacology
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Medical Pharmacology is the science behind drugs and medicines, their effects on living systems, and their role in treating disease. In the study of Medicine it is important to understand the impact of drugs and medicines on human systems, our Medical Pharmacology degrees will give you that understanding.

Available as:

Population Health and Medical Sciences
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Population Health and Medical Sciences examines growing pressures on healthcare systems globally are well documented, with chronic diseases, ageing populations and increased incidents of mental health. These Pathway degrees will prepare you for Medicine by giving you a holistic understanding of the many determinants of health from cell to population. 

Available as: 

Other Clinical and Healthcare Routes
Cardiac Physiology Students looking at anatomy model

We are proud of opportunities our Pathway degrees give our students, we also offer a number of non-Pathways to Medicine degrees which will put you at the centre of offering patients the support they need and support the clinical decision making to get patients on the road back to health. Improving the Health and Wellbeing of communites is a one team approach, and we offer a variety of Clinical opportunities. 

Available Degrees:

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Successful completion of the Pathway is: 

  1. Overall 60% average in Year 1 of your studies, to be eligible for the Pathways Module in Year 2 "Doctors, Patients and the Goals of Medicine (PM254)"
  2. 60% in the Pathways Module - "Doctors, Patients and the Goals of Medicine (PM254)"
  3. Students must have or be expecting a valid GAMSAT (or MCAT if an International student) score at the time of application

Students who meet these entry requirements will be eligible for a Guaranteed Interview in their final year, students may only use the Interview Guarantee once, in their final year of study.

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