Ideal Foundations to Progress to Medicine

Whether you are looking for the ideal degree to fill your 5th choice on UCAS, wish to explore your passion for science, or you simply missed out on getting into undergraduate Medicine. Our Pathways to Medicine present you with an ideal back-up plan to progress to studying Medicine.

We are home to a range of undergraduate degrees that will provide you with the foundation to progress to Graduate Entry Medicine. These programmes are dedicated to the science that underpins medicine. Our Pathway degrees provide applicants who enjoy science the opportunity to explore their passion whilst keeping their options for a career in Medicine open.

What is a Pathway to Medicine?

How our Pathways to Medicine Programme works

We are delighted to be able to guarantee graduates from our select undergraduate degrees an interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine programme, provided they meet the entry requirements.

Students who choose a pathway to medicine will benefit from bespoke modules, healthcare-related placements and specialist preparation for applications to graduate entry medicine alongside a guaranteed interview for our graduate entry medicine course, subject to meeting the entry requirements.

An Ideal 5th Choice

UCAS requires applicants to undergraduate Medicine to select a non-Medicine 5th choice on your UCAS application.  Our Pathways to Medicine have been specifically designed to fill the 5th choice slot with a degree which will help you achieve your ambition to study Medicine.

Our bespoke Medicine focussed pathways coupled with our guaranteed interview present applicants to undergraduate medicine with the ideal 5th choice for their UCAS application. These programmes are a back-up plan with a guaranteed interview to study Medicine.

Our Pathways to Medicine programmes: