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What to do with your 5th Choice on your Medicine Application?

Authored by: Gloria Prince

Applying for Medicine is a stressful time the application timeline is short, the choices are plentiful and you feel like your entire future rests on this one application.

This is made harder when you discover your 5th choice on your UCAS form has to be for something other than Medicine.

1st Year Medical Student

Pathways to Medicine Graduate

Gloria Prince

What is the UCAS 5th Choice for?

The reason for the 5th choice is in case you don’t get into Medicine. You probably don't want to think about that but there are many options out there and it is best to be prepared. 

The big question – How do I fill my UCAS 5th Choice?

This is a big question and you probably have all sorts of thoughts going on in your head when this questions is asked.

  • You’re probably thinking, well … What do I apply for?
  • Should I apply for a science related to medicine like Biomedicine or Medical Sciences?
  • Should I apply for something entirely unrelated like History or Law?


My Advice to you

What you need to do is take a step back, wait and think. And here is my advice to you ...

Swansea University only offer Graduate Entry Medicine, however they do so much more than train Doctors. I’ve seen first-hand just how passionate about science they are and how they use their passion to prepare you to become a Doctor.

The Pathways to Medicine allowed me to complete a science degree gain invaluable experiences abroad and in the research Labs, and decide whether I wanted to be a Doctor and strengthened my Medicine application.

What's a Pathway?

Guaranteed Interview for Medicine

The Pathways to Medicine Guarantee Successful Students an Interview for our Graduate Entry Medicine Programme – So for those of you applying for Undergraduate Medicine you do not have to give up on Medicine.

The Pathways to Medicine Scheme helped prepare me for Interview and gave me understanding of what being a Doctor entails.