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We offer a comprehensive portfolio of CPD courses spanning medicine, health and life science to meet the needs of the health and life science industry and professionals.  We work closely with our NHS and industry partners to provide a vibrant, innovative CPD learning environment to meet individuals and business needs with a flexible approach.

Genomic Medicine CPD Modules

Bioinformatics for Genome Analysis


The module will cover the fundamental principles of informatics and bioinformatics applied to clinical genomics…

Genomics of Common and Rare Inherited Disease


This module will provide an introduction to the clinical presentation and manifestations of rare inherited…

Pharmacogenomics & Stratified Healthcare


Pharmacogenomics and stratified health care ensure that healthcare professionals offer the right treatment, for the…

Population Data Science CPD Modules

Introductory Analysis of Linked Health Data


This module introduces the topic of linked health data analysis at an introductory to intermediate…

Advanced Analysis of Linked Health Data


This module is taught at an intermediate to advanced level and assumes that students have…

Module Information

For more information on our CPD courses applicants can download the module information sheets. This will give applicants more information on assessments and course content.