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"We have taken great pride in looking back at the accomplishments of our staff and students alike - both on academic and personal levels. This edition of Pulse will give you a glimpse of some of the amazing work that has taken place this past year and I sincerely hope you can see yourself as part of our wonderful community in the future."

Professor Keith Lloyd, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Executive Dean, Faculty of Medicine Health and Life Science

May 2023, Vol 04

Welcome - Edition 4

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Megan - Osteopathy, MOst
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Megan - Osteopathy, MOst

"I chose to study at Swansea University as it was not only one of the few Universities that offered Osteopathy, but it was also ranked highly in the UK for complimentary medicine. My favourite thing about my course is the hands-on practical experience with real patients. After I graduate I am planning on obtaining a Graduate Route Visa, which will allow me to live and work in the UK for a further two years. In that time, I hope to secure employment in the UK and gain experience as an Osteopath. I have loved the university experience and have really found a home in Swansea over the course of my degree. Swansea University offers an excellent education, and it is located in a beautiful area."

Ffion - Biochemistry, BSc Eloise - Psychology, BSc Hiu Lam - Psychology, BSc Harriet - Neurophysiology, BSc Bethel - Health Informatics, MSc Rewa - Psychology, BSc Jessica - Psychology, PhD

Well being - Mindfulness

“The time between the ages of 11 and 24 is a period of huge change and with that change can come quite unsettling feelings and emotions that are part of normal human experience. One of the most unsettling times is around exam results and what that can do is make you feel really anxious.

One of the things you can do is distract yourself - try breathing in and out slowly, make a playlist or do something physical like going for a walk, talking with friends or mindful activities like colouring. The important thing to remember is that all things pass. If you’re worried about your results give us a call as we have people here to help you. Just talking your options through can really help to clear your mind” - Professor Ann Johns

Professor Ann Johns research focuses on people's mental health

Pulse Picks

Ukrainian medical student spending a semester at Swansea

22 December 2021

Ukrainian medical student spending a semester at Swansea


27 April 2023

Love a Maggot campaign highlights the use of maggots as clinical treatment to help heal wounds

Student interacting with child

27 April 2023

Studying Psychology at Swansea will give you expert scientific training in the relationship between

Exploring Global Problems

Exploring Global Problems is our podcast series, where academics from across the University talk about how their ground-breaking research help tackle a variety of global challenges.

The first series topics include Health Innovation, Climate Change, Green Energy and Human-centred digital technologies. Our contribution to this came from Dr Amira Guirguis whose research has explored the challenges of Novel Psychoactive Substances and how we detect them, our second episode came from Professor Paul Dyson who spoke about his work manipulating the genes of bacteria in order to potentially cure cancer.

Visit our podcast page to listen and subscribe to the series. We hope you enjoy!