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"Out of every adversity, comes opportunity. Here at Swansea University we have risen to every challenge and come to find great resilience. Welcome to the Pandemic edition of Pulse magazine." - Professor Keith Lloyd

April 2021, Vol 02 Pandemic ediition

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Spotlight on Study Skills

Professor Phil Newton, Associate Dean Education
Professor Phil Newton Profile Picture

“In these strange times, we have all had to find new ways of teaching and learning, and finding methods that work for you will be enormously useful when it comes to starting your new course with us at Swansea University. Remember, everyone’s mind works differently - there’s no right or wrong way to study” - Professor Phil Newton

1. Set a Routine 2. Make it Memorable 3. Prepare to Cheat

Spotlight on Self Care

Why Practise Yoga?
Profile Picture of Stephen Buss

“Practising Yoga at any stage of life and enjoying the benefits of your practice with friends and family can greatly improve your health and wellbeing.” Stephen Buss, Osteopathy Lecturer and Hatha Yoga Instructor

Pose 1 - Easy Pose Pose 2 - Spinal Twist Pose 3 - Relax and Release

Well being - Mindfulness

“The time between the ages of 11 and 24 is a period of huge change and with that change can come quite unsettling feelings and emotions that are part of normal human experience. One of the most unsettling times is around exam results and what that can do is make you feel really anxious.

Anxiety can present in all sorts of ways. Some people are quite aware that they’re feeling anxious - for example if their heart beats a bit faster - but anxiety can also feel like a knot in your stomach or a lump in your throat and those feelings are almost a human response to what you’re experiencing as a threat, which goes back to quite a primitive ‘fight or flight’ idea.

Often these feelings will just pass but if you’re finding that they’re keeping you up at night or you’re worrying, or it’s affecting if you want to see your friends - that’s when anxiety is getting too much. One of the things you can do is distract yourself - try breathing in and out slowly, make a playlist or do something physical like going for a walk, talking with friends or mindful activities like colouring.

The important thing to remember is that all things pass. If you’re worried about your results give us a call as we have people here to help you. Just talking your options through can really help to clear your mind” - Professor Ann John

Professor Ann Johns research foucses on people's mental heatlh.

Student Voice

Rea Pugh-Davies, Nursing BSc
Rea Pugh-Davies Nursing Student Profile Picture with Award

Nursing Student

“I hope to inspire people, to show that no matter what grade or role they are anyone can make a difference. Even the smallest of things can make the biggest difference to our patients. Sometimes it takes a little thought to make things better.”

Rea was named the Royal College of Nursing's 2020 Best Nursing Support Worker for her focus on her patients.
Milly Howlett, Osteopath, MOst Sean Holm, Biochemistry BSc (Hons) and PhD Joshua Hale, BSc Psychology & MSc Research Methods in Psychology Bryony Ball, Physician Associate Studies MSc Matt Townsend, Nursing BSc

Exploring Global Problems

Exploring Global Problems is our podcast series, where academics from across the University talk about how their ground-breaking research help tackle a variety of global challenges.

The first series topics include Health Innovation, Climate Change, Green Energy and Human-centred digital technologies. Our contribution to this came from Dr Amira Guirguis whose research has explored the challenges of Novel Psychoactive Substances and how we detect them, our second episode came from Professor Paul Dyson who spoke about his work manipulating the genes of bacteria in order to potentially cure cancer.

Visit our podcast page to listen and subscribe to the series. We hope you enjoy!

Student Profiles

Get to know some of our amazing students...

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