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Watch our head start webinar series

‘Neuroscience Of Revising’ With Professor Phil Newton

Watch Professor Phil Newton's webinar about the Neuroscience of learning held on 09/03/2021.

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Cells, Immunity and Covid-19

Watch Professor Cathy Thornton's lecture on Cells, immunity and COVID-19 held on 02/03/2021.

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Employing Genetics and Genomics in Healthcare

Join Dr Wendy Francis for her Genetics and Genomics lecture originally held on 24/03/2021.

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Antimicrobial Resistance

Join Dr Angharad Davies for a taster lecture on antimicrobial resistance recorded on 23/03/2021.

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Cell Culture

Dr Aidan Seeley's Taster Lecture on ‘Cell Culture' held on 23/02/2021.

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Conflict as a Global Health Problem

Watch Dr Jodie Croxall and Dr Louise Cleobury's Global Health lecture originally held on 22/03/2021.

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