Improving access to Healthcare Careers

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We are committed to widening access to our healthcare and clinical courses. We do this by providing contextual offers to students from a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds, and locations. Our commitment to widening access stems from an understanding that having diverse clinicians delivering clinical care improves patient experiences. Our approach ensures that our graduates, whether from a diverse background or from studying amongst a diverse cohort, are better prepared and able to understand and empathise with the patients that present to them. 

Contextual Offers

What is a contextual offer?
Healthcare Scientist

Put simply, a contextual offer is an offer where we take into account a variety of factors that may have had an effect on educational attainment which would, in turn, prevent an applicant from accessing higher education. We therefore use additional information, alongside our admissions process, to give us a greater understanding of candidates who make an application to study with us.

For our healthcare courses, contextual admissions mean we will have a lower admissions threshold and provide a variety of support for applicants from under-represented backgrounds. 

Which courses offer contextual admissions? Who is eligible for contextual admissions? How will contextual offers work for me?

Advice for Candidates

Doctors for Wales

Doctors for Wales is our strategy to develop and be "A Medical School for all of Wales." A core aim of this strategy is to meet the workforce demands of Wales through working with our partners in NHS Wales, Welsh Government, and Health Education Improvement Wales (HEIW). 

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Health Care Circles

Health Care Circles is a mentoring programme to support graduate, undergraduate and A Levels students across Wales who wish to apply for our Graduate Entry Medicine course, established in collaboration with Medical School Councils UK and the Reaching Wider Partnership. 

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Digital Learning Support

Digital Learning Support

The Digital Learning Support scheme, in partnership with Health Education and Improvement Wales (HEIW) supports students on eligible Swansea University courses, to recieve a free laptop to support their studies. 

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The Dr Sharon James Bursary

The Dr Sharon James bursary offers four bursaries of £1,200 to Welsh, female students who are studying a clinical course within the Faculty of Medicine, Health, and Life Science. 

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