What is an Operating Department Practitioner?

A key member of the team in the operating department, the Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) is responsible for the smooth and safe running of an operation for patients, their loved ones, and the wider clinical team.

An ODP will be present and involved with every stage of operation. They will relax and ensure a patient is comfortable and assist the anaesthesiologist in maintaining patient safety. During surgery, an ODP will pass instruments to the surgeon and ensure none are left inside a patient. An ODP is also present for patient recovery, providing appropriate treatment through this time until a patient has fully recovered from anaesthesia and is ready to be discharged back to the ward.  

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What can I expect studying to be an Operating Department Practitioner?

At Swansea University we have over 25 years’ experience of training generations of nurses, doctors, physician associates and other roles which make up the allied clinical team. By choosing to study Operating Department Practitioner BSc with us you will be joining a highly experienced team of practicing clinicians and teaching staff who will be preparing you for your career. 

What careers could be open to me when I graduate?

On graduation you will become a qualified Operating Department Practitioner which will open the door to a variety of surgical settings of an Operating Department Practitioner including surgery, A&E and ICU to name a few.

Below you will find a more information about your potential career as an Operating Department Practitioner, from qualification, pay and career development.

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Fully Funded Degree

Choosing to follow your passion for healthcare could pay. This range of degrees is fully funded via the NHS Wales Bursary Scheme. 

What this could mean for you is, if you commit to working for NHS Wales for a period after you graduate your tuition will be fully covered by the NHS Wales Bursary, as well as maintenance funding of up to £4,491 and the full amount of student loan from Student Finance.

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Want to know more?

We have so much more we want to share with you, why not explore our Operating Department Practitioner course page or book on to our next open day.