Supported by Accelerate

EmotionMind Dynamic Coaching is currently recruiting 60 participants for a new Accelerate programme study.
In January 2021 more than one-in-five individuals aged 16 and over in the UK were experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, significantly more than in 2020 ( For many years, treatments for mental health have mainly been clinical, involving pharmacological and psychological interventions. Talking therapies often have long waiting times, with negative consequences for patient outcomes and their future wellbeing.

It is widely acknowledged that statutory mental healthcare provision lacks capacity and is unsuitable for significant numbers of individuals. Thus, existing services are widely acknowledged as unsustainable. Access to effective alternative interventions could help to address unmet mental health needs, promoting enhanced life skills, facilitating empowerment, and improving mental wellbeing outcomes.

One such innovative solution is provided by Hayler Wheeler, founder of EmotionMind Dynamic (EMD) Coaching. EMD combines coaching, teaching, mentoring, counselling and mindfulness for improving emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. In her unique approach, Hayley and client work together sharing experiences through methodologies designed to promote levels of trust which facilitate being able to access deep-rooted emotions and to unlock their potential.

Hayley says:

“Most therapeutic services only work with the problems and symptoms that clients report on the surface. In order for long-lasting change, they need to access the root cause. A non-clinical and professional approach is paramount when working with people’s mental health and wellbeing. EMD Coaching enables clients to share their deepest thoughts and emotions with a therapist who can help transform that pain into self-empowerment.”

Supported by the Welsh Government-funded Acceleration programme at Cardiff University's Clinical Innovation Hub and with Hywel Dda University Health Board's Research Innovation and Improvement Team, a new 12-month study will measure the social value of EMD Training.

Dr Mary Lynch of Bangor University’s Social Value Hub is leading the study. Mary says:

“We are excited to join forces with Hayley Wheeler and the Accelerate team to undertake a Social Return on Investment (SROI) evaluation of the EMD programme. This cooperative approach between academics and Hayley should provide valuable insights on this innovative non-clinical approach to addressing mental health and wellbeing.” 

EMD Coaching is currently recruiting 60 participants for the new Accelerate study.

If you would like to participate in this study by receiving six sessions of online EMD coaching in Welsh or English, please contact Hayley Wheeler at 07966189084 or