lab technician performing digital experiment

The use of digital technologies is changing the way we communicate, providing innovative ways to monitor our health and well-being, and giving us greater access to information.

The Digital Healthcare Technology Centre (DHTC) is a collaboration between Swansea University, Accelerate Healthcare Technology Centre, NHS Wales, DHEW and other digital expert stakeholders. The DHTC has been established through a commitment to exploring and supporting new digital healthcare technologies that offer real opportunities to improve medical outcomes and enhance efficiency in Wales.

Expressions of interest are invited to seek guidance, advice, and support from experts from across academia, health, and industry in digital healthcare technologies. If you are currently developing a product, process, or service that is digital or utilises digital technologies and provides a commercially viable solution, then the DHTC can provide support and guidance to enhance and accelerate your product to market.

Selected applicants will be invited to attend a closed meeting with experts from across Wales and beyond to present the relevant healthcare need, digital or digitally enabled solution, and commercial market before seeking advice, support, and guidance for any issues or hurdles faced in the journey to commercialisation.


  • Expressions of interest are invited from across health and social care, academia, and industry
  • Project must be intending to commercialise product, process, or service
  • Applicant must be able to articulate the health need and market demand
  • Applicant must outline the hurdles and challenges they are looking to overcome
  • Challenges may be technical or commercial.

The multi-disciplinary forum will be a closed forum and non-disclosure forms will be signed in advance of presentations. Forum membership and attendance will be disclosed in advance of the presentations and any conflicts of interest noted and appropriate action undertaken.

Following the presentations, participants will be given bespoke feedback from the panel inclusive of advice, guidance, signposting and support as appropriate, viable and necessary.