Group of scientists in white coats conducting an experiment

Research, Enterprise, and Innovation

Healthcare Technology Centre is committed to ensuring the research, innovation, and expertise within Swansea University is utilised to develop better treatments and prevention mechanisms for various diseases, and to be at the centre of technology development which can improve the level of care in the NHS and place Wales at the forefront for life sciences and health technology development.

Through the provision of dedicated expertise, resources, and access to state-of-the-art facilities, we can undertake collaborative research and development (R&D) and commercialisation assistance leading to products, processes, and services that support the collective ambition to create a healthier and happier Wales.

Who we work with

The Healthcare Technology Centre plays an integral role in supporting the collaborative activity with clinical, industrial, and academic communities. We are creating strong links with other internationally renowned academic institutions, SME’s, and multi-national companies, as well as reinforcing existing relationships across NHS Wales.

Areas of expertise

Our team of Innovation Technologists and related specialists have an extensive knowledge across a variety of topics which include; artificial intelligence and machine learning, robotics, medical devices, reproductive biology, rheology, bio-mechanical engineering, chemical analysis, neuro-biology and bio-imaging, commercialisation and innovation management. Our team also has extensive experience in performing in-vitro testing and other laboratory related techniques.