The Hawkes Centre for Empirical Finance


The Hawkes Centre for Empirical Finance at Swansea University was established in 2013 and contains members with expertise in a range of areas of research including empirical finance, quantitative financial analysis, empirical macroeconomics, time series econometrics and statistics.  The complementary skills of the Centre’s members provide a means to undertake exciting and innovative research with the common objective of advancing the understanding, development and application of tools and techniques relevant to the analysis of financial and macroeconomic data and phenomena.

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Latest from the centre:

  • 08/11/17 - Professor Sasha Talavera’s (Accounting and Finance/Hawkes Centre for Empirical Research) work "Board age diversity, directors' personal values, and bank performance" co-authored with Shuxing Yin (Sheffield) and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) has been accepted for publication in International Review of Financial Analysis.
  • 01/11/17 - Professor Steve Cook's work on spatial housing economics has been recognised by the international journal Urban StudiesA recently published Virtual Special Issue of the journal considering leading papers on housing economics since its introduction in 1964 contains 5 of Professor Cook's published papers in its collection of 31 selected articles over more than half a century.  
  • 01/11/17 - Professor Steve Cook has been invited to provide the opening presentation at a national Economics Network-Ecuator event on the use of data in the teaching of Economics.  The event is to be held at the University of East Anglia on 8 November. 


Tho Pham (PhD Student) was interviewed by The Times about Russian fake news accounts during Brexit voting.

Recent research on self-employment, financial development and well-being by Sasha Talavera, Tho Pham and Mao Zhang (Sheffield) appeared on website.


We have access to the following databases:

  1. FAME
  2. Zephyr
  3. Datastream
  4. SNL Financial
  5. Compustat via WRDS includes:    
    1. North America
    2. Global
    3. Historical
    4. Bank Annual & Quarterly
    5. Segment History
    6. Execucomp
    7. Credit ratings
  6. CSMAR via WRDS

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