Course Overview:

The Enterprise and Creativity: Entrepreneurship in Practice course is a micro-credential spanning 5 weeks; it’s also referred to as Street2Boardroom. It is designed for those who may have faced barriers in the past or have not previously gained higher education or further education qualifications. Street2Boardroom was established in 2016 by its founder, Clayton Planter, as he felt that the current system excluded specific demographic groups. Therefore, hindering individuals from realising their utmost potential. We are excited to have a partnership with Street2Boardroom and share our business expertise with this inclusive and valuable initiative.

The course covers a variety of business topics, including finance, marketing, street business vs corporate business, legalities, jargon, and much more. As well as this, you will also benefit from inspirational talks and interactive workshop sessions.

Week by week you will develop your own ideas, enhance your business knowledge, and learn your strengths and weaknesses by acting as an entrepreneur. To do this, you must work independently to design your own entrepreneurial project, and work to deliver it, creating value for a group or community of your choice.

Course Outcomes:

Upon completing the course, you will:

  • Develop Entrepreneurial Skills: Gain the mindset and abilities crucial for launching your own business.
  • Improve Your Employability: Gain insights and skills that will pave the way for your entry into the professional world.
  • Your Project: Act as an entrepreneur by designing and delivering a project that contributes positively to your chosen community or group.
  • Micro-Credential Achievement: Receive a valuable micro-credential, marking your successful completion of this unique program.


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