Dr Tim Zhou joined School of Management, Swansea University in September, 2013, having worked previously at Nationwide Building Society, Bangor University and Sunderland University.

His research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals such as European Journal of Finance and Journal of International Money and Finance. Moreover, one of his research papers 'Too systemically important to fail' in banking - Evidence from bank mergers and acquisitions was presented in Bank of England.

He is also a regular referee for peer-reviewed academic journals such as: Journal of Banking and Finance and European Journal of Finance.


  1. Molyneux, P., Schaeck, K., Zhou, T. ‘Too systemically important to fail’ in banking – Evidence from bank mergers and acquisitions Journal of International Money and Finance 49 258 282
  2. Goddard, J., Molyneux, P., Zhou, T. Bank Mergers and Acquisitions in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Asia and Latin America European Journal of Finance 18 5 419 438


  • MN-3004 Investment Banking

    The module is designed to develop an awareness of how investment banking operates.

  • MN-3507 Risk Management in Banking

    Banks are subject to various risks because of their role as intermediaries, because of business models adopted and because they operate in volatile markets. The risks banks are exposed to through acting as intermediaries are primarily credit risk, liquidity risk and interest risk. Banks are also exposed to market risk through their proprietary trading activities. This course examines the sources of risks facing banks and the methods that banks can adopt to evaluate and control these risks. This module includes the conceptual, technical and computational aspects of risk management in Banking and Financial Institutions. In addition, the module covers topics on how to manage risks faced by financial institutions such as the use of derivatives and the value-at-risk method. Finally, the module covers the latest innovations in risk management in banking following the lessons from the financial crisis of 2007-08.

  • MN-M547 International Banking and Regulation

    This module focuses on the study of financial institutions, in particular on the role of the banking system. Emphasis will be placed on the competition, behaviour and performance of financial intermediaries.


  • Paper 1: Can Tone and Readability of Annual Reports Give Insights into Firm Performance?«br /» «br /» Paper 2: Can CEOs' age affect tone and readability of annual reports? (current)

    Other supervisor: Dr Hussein Halabi
    Other supervisor: Dr Giulia Fantini