The Value-Based Health and Care Academy and All-Wales Intensive Learning Academy for Innovation in Health and Social Care at the School of Management, are both part of the Welsh Government Intensive Learning Academy (ILA) Programme.

Outlined within A Healthier Wales, the long-term plan for Health and Social Care in Wales, the programme is designed to enhance leadership and development within the Health and Social Care workforce.


ILA Scholarships At The School Of Management:

There is a growing need for health and social care systems to acquire Value-Based capabilities to lead organisational and system-wide transformation. There is also a need for leaders to drive innovation within health and social care systems, processes and technologies, which is why we have designed programmes to support senior and aspiring leaders in adopting these approaches in their organisations.

As part of this programme we are able to offer several scholarships to professional learners from across Wales, working within the following:

  • NHS Wales 
  • Local Authority Social Services
  • Social Care Organisations in Wales
  • Third Sector organisations in Wales
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Our Yearbook & Webinars

Explore the remarkable success and journey of our inaugural MSc Advanced Health and Care Management students in a Yearbook. Read all about their achievements and learning experiences, highlighting their research projects and the tangible impact they have made in the fields of innovation and Value-Based health and care. 

Take a look at our webinars, hosted by the Programme Director and Academic Leads who provide a full overview of MSc Advanced Health and Care Management (Value Based) and MSc Advanced Management (Health Innovation & Transformation). Click here for Part-time study webinar and click here for Full-time study webinar.

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