As affordability challenges health and social care systems across the world, the focus on delivering greater value (the outcomes that matter most to people, at the lowest possible cost) becomes increasingly critical.

The Value-Based Health and Care Academy is aimed at Leaders and Senior Managers with an interest in developing knowledge and insight in how to develop and engage with Value-Based Health and Care (VBHC) systems and services. 

It is designed to support the successful adoption of VBHC across organisations from Health Systems and Social Care to the Third Sector and the Life-Science Industries.

The Academy is the first of its kind, globally, with its multipronged, robust approach to supporting organisational VBHC growth. Its three core services include:

  • World-leading Educational Programmes
  • Innovative Research
  • Bespoke Consultancy Service

Its education offer includes a DBA, MSc/PGDip in Advanced Health and Care (Value-Based) as well short, intensive, VBHC Executive Education programmes and masterclasses. Its research capabilities will enable organisations to work with world-class academics with direct experience in the field of VBHC, while bespoke consultancy services are available to ensure organisations have the needed support to implement VBHC.




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