A gloved hand with a roll of solar material

Exploring materials structure, properties, processes and advanced characterisation for novel applications

Global population will exceed 9 billion by 2050, impacting quality of life, particularly in developing countries. Resource depletion, climate change, urbanization and healthcare strain will all test future society.

This theme looks to mitigate such issues through materials science and advancement in technology, from novel electronics to efficient transportation, via new medical methods, to environmental challenges and energy technologies.

Optimal properties and performance requires innovative characterization, synthesis and processing, which we will develop as this theme evolves.

Theme Leads

Dr William Bryan

Associate Professor, Physics
+44 (0) 1792 295301
Available For Postgraduate Supervision

Dr Wing Chung Tsoi

Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
+44 (0) 1792
Available For Postgraduate Supervision

Dr Anji Munnangi

Senior Lecturer in Energy in Storage, Materials Science and Engineering
Available For Postgraduate Supervision