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Group Overview

Swansea’s Human Geography research covers a wide range of themes and focuses on two areas: Migration, boundaries and identities and Social theory and urban space. Our research is theoretically informed, empirically rich, and critically engaged, with relevance and impact for both policy and practice.

Our Migration, boundaries and identities research focuses on the social and political construction of citizenship, nationalism, and nationhood, the relationships between migration (internal and international), globalisation, and conceptualisations of place, and 21st-century rural space. It also investigates the geographies of exclusion, violence, and marginalisation, particularly in relation to race, gender, culture, and childhood. Our distinctive contribution lies in developing new theoretical frameworks for understanding the implications of different types of mobilities, subjectivities, and boundaries. Much of this research is advanced through the Centre for Migration Policy Research (CMPR).

Our Social theory and urban space research focuses on modern and postmodern cities, the spaces of capitalism, and the geographical political economy. It embraces and advances a range of conceptual and methodological approaches, including poststructuralism, post-Marxism, psychoanalysis, actor-network theory, spatial analysis, and ethnography. We are especially noted for our engagements with influential European social and cultural theorists and Continental philosophers. Research is conducted within wide-ranging socio-spatial contexts, including the consumer society, film and visual culture, performance and creativity, media, urban regeneration, the knowledge economy, healthcare, and global cities. Much of this research is advanced through the Centre for Urban Theory (CUT).

Considerable PhD studentship funding is available through our participation in the Human Geography Pathway in the ESRC Wales DTP, which offers PhD studentships and advanced research-methods training.

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