Swansea University is home to some of the most advanced materials characterisation and testing equipment in Europe. From Transmission Electron Microscopes that can image things as small as your finger nail grows in a millisecond to mechanical testing kit that is used to predict the life time of a jet engine, the department is ready for the global challenges.

Our facilities include

  • Full suite of advanced electron, X-Ray and optical imaging microscopes
  • Fatigue, creep and high temperature degradation facilities for assessing novel aerospace materials
  • Coating application – from lab scale to roll to roll pilot manufacturing
  • Melting, casting and heat treatments
  • Physical, chemical, electrical and mechanical testing
  • Polymer and composite production and testing
  • Electrochemical assessment of materials - corrosion to batteries

Cyber Physical, Robotics & Industry 4.0 Equipment

  • Festo Cyber Physical Factory
  • KUKA KMR/Iiwa Mobile Robot
  • KUKA KR16-2 x2 Industrial robots
  • KUKA Iiwa Robot arm
  • Universal Robots 3 robot arm
  • Universal Robots 5 robot arm
  • Baxter Robot

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

  • Renishaw REN500 Additive Layer Manufacturing Machine
    • 500W laser system with 250mm3 build volume
  • Renishaw machines (AM400)
    • 400W with 250mm3 build volume Includes a reduced build volume
    • (80X80X55mm) used for new alloy powder development
  • Engel Microcellular Injection Moulding Machine