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Digital and smart innovations for sustainable manufacturing

The Smart, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing theme emphasizes intelligent design principles and sustainable manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact and improve efficiency.

Our research seeks to accelerate the adoption of Industrial Digital Technologies to drive manufacturing innovation in design, manufacturing, and the supply chain. Our shared goals are to increase the competitiveness, efficiency, and resilience of manufacturing industries and the supply chain to enable responsible production and consumption.

By combining experimental testing, sensor technologies, and Big Data, we are developing novel approaches to enhance predictive capabilities in design, manufacture, and through-life performance to enable right-first time materials and components and closed-loop manufacturing.

In close partnership with industrial stakeholders, we are taking a whole-system approach to transform manufacturing processes and reduce their environmental impact, minimizing the utilization of resources, whilst improving working life and working conditions.

Expertise includes Simulation-based design, Robotics and Automation, Data Analytics and Artificial intelligence, Human-machine interface, and Multiscale Computer Modelling.

Theme Lead

Dr Eifion Jewell

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Available For Postgraduate Supervision