Our Aim

Patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) measure patients’ health or quality of life from their perspective using self-completed questionnaires. PROMs can be collected before and after a procedure or at regular intervals in chronic long-term conditions.

PROM measurement and application is vital to provide high-quality healthcare by evaluating the performance of health care providers and guiding NHS reforms. PROMs also provide a platform to involve patients and their carers in the provision of healthcare and shaping the NHS.

Our aim is to undertake collaborative research to develop and validate PROMs and apply them in routine clinical care to improve patient care.

Our PROMs Experience

We have extensive experience in developing and validating PROMs and have been undertaking this work for over 15 years. Our developed PROMs have been used extensively in clinical trials, routine clinical care in outpatient and inpatient settings and recently in mobile phone devices to allow patients to report on their own health outcomes. To date, our PROMs development work has covered a wide range of clinical areas including Inflammatory Bowel Disease, endoscopy, paediatrics, facial skin cancer and reconstruction, lymphoedema, listening effort and liver disease.

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