Devices is one of the four strategic research themes at the Swansea University Medical School. Following on from advances in biomedical engineering made at Swansea, the theme encompasses implantation, computational and biological devices, as well as methodological developments in mass spectrometry. Closely linked to the School Enterprise and Innovation initiatives this research theme actively links its expertise in biomedical research to industry with the aim of improving human health and the development of knowledge economies globally.  Current research is based on laboratory, MRI and clinical trial studies with applications in stem cell studies, regenerative medicine, cancer, cardiology, haemostasis and blood clot identification.

Staff working in this theme include

Name Title
Archer, Charlie Professor, Regenerative Medicine
Brenton, Gareth Professor, Mass Spectrometry
Clement, Marc Professor, Enterprise and Innovation
Dingley, John Reader, Anaesthesiology
Dudley, Edward Associate Professor, Biochemistry
Evans, Phillip Professor, Emergency Medicine
Francis, Lewis Lecturer in Biomarkers
Godfrey, Ruth Lecturer, Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
Hawkins, Karl Associate Professor, Biorheology
Hugtenburg, Richard Associate Professor, Medical Physics
Khan, Ilyas Lecturer, Regenerative Medicine
Naderi, Naghmeh Clinical Lecturer, Plastic Surgery and Regenerative Medicine
Sabra, Ahmed Clinical Research Fellow
Taylor, Roger Professor, Oncology
Weston, Clive Associate Professor, Cardiology and Medical Education
Whitaker, Iain Professor, Burns and Plastic Surgery
Xia, Zhidao Senior Lecturer, Regenerative Medicine